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Hi and welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find lots of information and updates including more information about the treatments we offer, up and coming workshops and advice and top tips.Hope you enjoy…

Anxiety – Top Tips

When you are experiencing anxiety, it can cause you to feel loneliness, a sense of being trapped, scared and in

Can nature help my mental health?

This week is Mental Health awareness week and the theme is Nature. So if you would like to find out

Let’s talk caffeine: how does caffeine affect my health

Caffeine is a contributor and sometimes the cause of many issues people face such as, insomnia and anxiety. It is

Morning Anxiety

Do you wonder why you wake in the mornings feeling a rush of anxiety? Maybe your unable to brush it

Things to remember as lockdown restrictions ease

Are you feeling mixed emotions about lockdown easing and wondering if you should be feeling different? Here are some things

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