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Face-to-Face Vs Online sessions


Back in March I went from having a busy private practice to no clients at all, almost over night. I was forced to make the decision to go online (luckily I’m not afraid of technology). I was however afraid of the effectiveness of the sessions and whether I could guide somebody into hypnosis in the same way.

I suppose part of this decision is down to the individual person and their perspective of therapy, however I have personally found that sessions are just as affective.

The first sessions I conducted were great and the clients experienced great mindset changes and this speared me on to keep going. Some people seem more able to be hypnotised in the security and comfort of their own surroundings. I’ve now helped so many people over the computer and I’ve decided to keep going with this into the future. 

All you need is a comfortable and quiet environment and your laptop or tablet! 

I use a website called Whereby. You can find it here: The room is private and confidential and we can see each other via video. I sometimes give handouts to my face-to-face clients and these are sent to you via email. 

People who prefer face-to-face sessions comment that they like the fact they are going somewhere for that time-out they need. The environment is calm and comfortable, with candles lit and warmth. 

If you are reluctant to go for online sessions but it would be easier for you, call me for a free chat. If you begin sessions but feel that online is not for you, you can always change to face-to-face or stop sessions completely. If you go ahead, it may just be the change that you need!

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