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hypno-Gastric band

Who is the treatment designed for?

I am extremely excited to share with you all my new service – Hypno- Gastric Band. Whether you are wanting to lose nine stone over a long period of time or two stone, this treatment can be beneficial for you. It will prompt you to feel full quicker and help you along your healthy, fitter and slimmer journey. This really is a mindset change for life and not a diet which is based around restrictions. 


So how does it work?

You will be guided into hypnosis (a deep feeling of relaxation) then your subconscious mind will be used to begin making the changes you need. The sessions are guided towards you and your personal obstacles and goals. 

The third session actually guides you through the operation, using your imagination, as though you are really there in the operating theatre, having the treatment. Once you come out of hypnosis, the mind has been tricked into thinking you have experienced the actual surgery and so you eat less as a result. 

The forth session is used to track progress and create new behaviours in the subconscious, if needed. 

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Cost

The Hypno-Gastric Band treatment cost is £188.00. This covers all four sessions and they can be conducted online or face to face.

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