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What is hypnotherapy?

 You may have heard of stage hypnosis with pocket watches and clucking chickens but what is hypnosis when we are talking about actual therapy?

If you are struggling with a phobia, have a behaviour pattern you cannot change or are experiencing high levels of stress r anxiety, your 


‘When I signed up for a counselling course and the first year of the course was hypnotherapy I wasn’t sure about what it was either. I had my doubts about whether it was real or not, but once I had experienced it, studied and practised it I started to realise the benefits. After qualifying I knew it was something I wanted to offer to other people and so I set up my practice almost straight away!’ Alison Ralph

What issues can I overcome with hypnotherapy?

Stopping Smoking

General anxiety



Weight management


Low mood




What should I expect to happen in my hypnotherapy sessions?

Hypnotherapy sessions always begin with a free phone consultation. This is an opportunity for us to have a short chat about the reasons you would like to come to hypnotherapy. The phone call gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have but also helps us to decide if we feel we can move forward together. 

The first session

In the first session I use counselling skills to get to know you, your issue and the things you would like to achieve through hypnotherapy. We may or may not do hypnosis during this session, depending on the time we have.

Subsequent sessions

During each session you will experience hypnosis which aims to help achieve the outcomes you are looking for. We may also feel that talking within the sessions is necessary as part of your development.

I like to work holistically and child led to enable you to feel listened to, understood and safe.

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