Alison Ralph

Stop smoking help


In my Macclesfield hypnotherapy clinic I help people to stop smoking. The habit of smoking is deep rooted in the subconscious, therefore hypnotherapy for smoking can be a very affective treatment. 

There are however some self-help ideas which you can do yourself at home. These are ideas which I have given to past clients and they have been successful. 

  1. If you take one thing away from reading this post today let it be that a craving only lasts for 3 minutes! The time it takes the brain to send that message that you need the rush of feel good hormones takes only 3 minutes. So what could you do in 3 minutes? Some squats or arm reps if your into exercise, read a page or two from your favourite book or magazine, play with your dog. The list is endless!
  2. Smoking is often part of your routine, especially if you have been doing it for years! So something as simple as changing your routine can help to lessen them cravings. For example, if you wake in the morning and have a coffee with a cigarette before anything else, then get up and get dressed first, change your coffee for milk or juice. If you have a cigarette on your break at work then replace that with a walk or a chat in the staffroom. 
  3. Smoke with the other hand – it sounds bonkers I know, but it requires the brain to think different and may trigger a thought process which says this is awkward or I don’t enjoy this. 
  4. If you would like to get into the root of the cause because nothing else is working then have a think about the reasons why you smoke. For example, are you a stress smoker? If this is you, think of a new behaviour when you are stressed. For example, you could use a breathing technique or in the evening do some yoga.


Why am I finding it difficult to stop smoking?

Another important thing to take away from reading this post is that it is difficult to stop smoking and it is not your fault if you have tried and failed a number of times. The chemicals which are realised in the body when you smoke send a message to the subconscious mind (your survival mechanism) to say that you feel good and you are relaxed. when these chemicals leave the body the subconscious kicks into survival mode and asks for them again (hence the craving) so all you need to do is break that cycle!

If you are interested in hypnotherapy to stop smoking then please get in touch. You can email: or phone: 07719032346