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Stop smoking: get healthier

Hypnotherapy for smoking

Hypnotherapy has become a popular treatment to help stop smoking. It has been used by high profile celebrities because it is holistic and unique. If you have come to the point where you need help to stop smoking, hypnotherapy may be the way for you to stop smoking and get healthier. 

How does stop smoking hypnotherapy work? Did you know the mind has two areas? The conscious (logical mind) that wants you to become a non-smoker and knows all the benefits of stopping and the sub-conscious (feeling part of the mind which does not want to). This is where hypnosis can help you, through relaxing, informative and pro-active sessions which will enable your subconscious mind to be changed and lead you to more of a successful outcome.

“I met with Alison in March 2020 for the smoke free therapy and since then I have not had another cigarette or craving for one since. I went from 15 a day for 8 years to smoke free-amazing”.

To show somebody that they can stop smoking.

Benefits of stopping smoking

Common benefits of stopping smoking are:

  • Financial – People are able to save the money they would have spent on smoking to buy other things such as, a weekend away.
  • Health– Of course there are many benefits, including feeling more active and reducing the risk of some diseases.
  • Smell– One of the biggest factors for many of my clients is that they will no longer be self-conscious about how they smell.
  • Control– Feeling that you are in control of your thoughts and actions.
  • Taste and smell – You can enjoy the return of your senses.
Stop smoking help

Stopping smoking is a big challenge for a person to face, and they will often need more than just willpower. When it comes to stopping smoking, it is important you know why you want to quit and are sure you are making the decision for yourself. Trying to quit when you’re not ready, or for reasons other than your own, can often lead to relapse and feeling like a failure. If you decide you want to quit and are committed to the decision, it’s more likely you’ll succeed.
 It’s never too late to stop smoking. Whatever age you are, the sooner you stop, the faster the body can recover from the risk of developing serious health conditions.


Stop Smoking course - £120

The stop smoking course I offer is made up of three sessions and can be face to face or online. 

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